The Making of Lovely pt. 12

When I watched the opening sequence of Moonrise Kingdom, I instantly knew that I wanted my titles to be similar. In my titles blog, I explained that the most of the titles were in the corners, in an old style serif font. They were either in white or pastel colors that were sometimes featured in that scene. Most of my titles were white, but on a few titles, I used a color that was in the scene. The production company is pink like the pink tab in the journal. Zenzele’s name is the same brown as the desk. ‘Written By’ is the same burgundy as Natalie’s jacket. ‘Music By’ is the same green as the leaves of the flowers. I really like that creative detail, and I think it makes it more interesting to watch than white or black titles. I also made the titles fade in and sometimes out. The harsh cuts bothered me at times so I added the fade to make it more encapsulating.

I edited the look of each clip (exposure, shadows, contrast etc.), and then added an adjustment layer to the entire sequence. I added added a look that was warm and saturated, the decreased the intensity of it and increased the faded film. This layer was applied to everything but not everything looked the best. I cut the adjustment layer in places, then edited each section to my liking. I’m glad with how it looks and that it’s finally finished.

I’ve exported it and will be uploading it to YouTube soon.


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