The Making of Lovely pt. 10

Natalie came over to my house to film the last scene of the film. My original idea was for the film was that James would often wear green, and Kalina would often wear purple. And the colors would show their mood like if she wore a dark purple it’d mean she was upset, or if he wore a pale green he was happy. And there would be shots of her eating purple grapes, him eating green, and they’d share and put the green and purple grapes together. Those were just some cute ideas I had if were ever to film the rest of the movie, which I want to.

Since so things changed from preproduction to production (like James being played by Zenzele), I decided that colors weren’t a dying matter. Zenzele wore purple with I liked with the green of the flower shop. And Natalie wore red and pink, but worked. She knows how to dress so it wasn’t so hideous that production had to halt.

We filmed the scene at my front door 2 or 3 times. I filmed the high angle shot of the flowers, chocolates, and mixtape, weeks ago when I bought the flowers because I knew they were going to die. And they did. So on Saturday I filmed everything but that. And all I’m worried about is the angle of the shots I took weeks ago and this Saturday. As well ss the fact that there’s a mirror behind Natlalie where I might be able to be seen. I haven’t looked at the footage yet but hopefully all of these bumps are things I can fix and work with.


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