The Making of Lovely pt. 8

I’ve begun editing the shots I have so far, which is about two-thirds of the project.

I started watching all of the takes I had and choosing which I liked best. Somewhere easy to pick, but others I wasn’t satisfied with the 2 or 3 takes I had. But I found ways to work with it by either cropping or reversing the clip.

When editing I realized how short two minutes is, so the b-roll footage I got of flowers, teddy bears, and candy, wasn’t necessary. This meant that the clips I did have would have to be very effective since they were so short. I used a lot of jump cuts but didn’t like how choppy it looked so I used a cross dissolve which makes it look much better.

I struggled temporarily, but since I was dedicated to making this film the best, I spend time pointing out the little things I didn’t like and worked on fixing them. And I think it’ll go a long way, and I know that I’ll proud when it’s finished because it wasn’t thrown together.

So about a minute and 30 seconds are sequenced, and I think I’ll wait to color grade and add titles until it’s all sequenced. But I’m getting there.


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