The Making of Lovely pt. 7

After filming Zenzele in my backyard, my dad drove us to Publix, and we finished a lot quicker than I expected. I got a good amount of shots of her looking at flowers. I even got some close-ups of the flowers, but now I don’t think I’ll need those close up since I’m realizing how I have to squeeze all of the shots into 2 minutes.

Now, Publix had already cleared all of its valentines day stuff (it was only February 18th), and I was really disappointed. But we went to Walgreens and they had what I needed, so no problem came up. But it turns out that Walgreens is closing, and it’s the closest one to my house! A lot of the shelves were empty and it felt really barren. But almost everything was on sale, and the candy was half off, today only! So it was very lucky that today’s filming worked out because I don’t know what I would’ve done otherwise.

When we returned to my house, we filmed the scenes at my desk. And for a high angle shot, I was going to set up two binders on opposite sides of the desk, rest a yard stick on the binders like a bridge, and lay the camera face down on the yard stick. It works with my phone since it’s lighter, flatter, and the camera is in a corner. But the camera couldn’t stay on the yardstick, even when I tried using my flexible yardstick. So instead of risking breaking the camera I just bought, I had to stand on my desk and film from there. It was only a little bit scary, but my grade depended on me getting this shot, so I did it. And it worked out fine, and I’m so glad most of the filming is finished.


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