The Making of Lovely pt. 6

I’ve finally filmed most of the project!

Zenzele came over on Saturday, and after me getting all of the props together, and writing a chronological list of the shots to get, we begun.

The first scene was of her turning on the record player. My dry erase board has a foil like underside, so I used it as a reflector and positioned it on my desk chair so that light shone on the record player. I propped my flexible tripod on on the dry erase board so that it was eye level with the record player. Then we ran that twice and moved on.

In my backyard, I filmed Zenzele writing in a journal. We filmed it twice (she wrote on a new page), and the second time I zoomed in a bit more. I liked the more zoomed out shot, but when editing, I realized how little time there is to fit everything in. So I’d rather have more zoomed in shot, but the more zoomed in shot I had wasn’t zoomed in enough. So I had to enlarge the scale in editing, but that decreases the quality, so I wish I knew to zoom in more when filming.


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