The Making of Lovely pt. 4

I originally planned on going to a Walgreens and a flower shop to shoot my scenes with Chris. The Walgreens is a few minutes away so that was convenient. But the flower shop down the street from my house moves locations, so I had to look up another one. They were all a little too far, and since Chris will be driving, I didn’t want him to use up all of his gas.

I asked my mom to take me to a few of the flower shops so I could see what the looked like. She said “Can’t you just go to Publix? They have flowers there.” I brushed her off at first because Publix and a flower shop were nowhere near the same thing. But when we went to Publix, the flower section was perfect. And the shots of Chris looking at flowers will me close ups anyway, so it won’t look like he’s in a grocery store.


There was also an entire shelf of valentines day merchandise, so I didn’t need to go to Walgreens either.

I think I’m gonna listen to my mom more often.


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