The Making of Lovely pt. 2

Studying films is really fun for me. Writing an analysis for English is agonizing, but I could write pages and pages about a movie. There’s just so much to making a movie, and the details I spot are amazing.

When research film openings I watched the opening to one of my favorite movies: Moonrise Kingdom. I watched the opening 5 times, and the 5th time is when I noticed the color scheme of primary colors (red, yellow, blue). It was so subtle, and I’m so glad I noticed that because the film would be completely different if the secondary colors (green, orange, purple) were used.

When I watched the opening of Perks of Being a Wallflower, it was very different because the movie really started after the titles. During the titles were just shots of driving through a tunnel. So that didn’t add anything to film. I don’t see it as a bad thing, it’s just something that’s different.

Even in Submarine, the only titles in the opening of the movie were the production and distribution companies.

I like how movies have their own way of doing things because it makes them very very unique.


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