The Making of Lovely pt. 1

A month or two ago I had the idea of writing a romance film. Romance films, and romance, in general, is something that isn’t very me. But what I like about movies and books with romance, is their ability to make the audience get attached to fictional characters, and feel what they feel. That’s what I want to do as a writer, so I thought I’d write a romance story, but one that was me. So “not your typical love story”.

Like every story I start, I make a new notebook in one note.

And because I knew what I wanted the film to look like, I began writing about it.

I wanted to write this as a 10 or 30-minute short film. But since I knew the final task for AICE media was approaching. I decided to write a two-minute opening, which was short and easy. But I’m proud of the amount of detail in it. I want this film to look like some worked very hard on it, which I will. And I’m so excited to see how things turn out.


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