The History of Titles

  • Userro be hand-illistrated cards photgraphed and inserted to film
  • Titles nurture audiences’ expectations, disat the films mood, and set the stage for the story to come
  • First impressions
  • Movie etiquette announcements used to be displayed in opening sequences
  • Delivers key information to audiences
  • Letters were simple and easy to read
  • More illustrative film title cards came about with the varous art and design movements of the time
  • Genre and story could beexpressed theough lettering
  • In the 1930’s, mocie allowed people a way to “escape” during the Great Depression
  • Titles conveyed tone through lettering and layout
  • Narrators were designed to give the audience insight into what was about to happen
  • In tge 1950’s there was competition bewtween the film and television industries
  • Saul Bass – a legendary title designer who creates mood
  • Animation added movement and choreography to title sequences
  • Iconic images and logos came from movies of the 1960’s
  • Pablo Ferro – a master of film title design
  • Computwr aided deaign from the 1970’s to 2000
  • Since the 2000’s, titles have blended all of the styles and concepts of previous decades

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