All filming is done

Our video features Natalie, Zenzele, and Joanna

At noon we met at Natalie’s house, and I got takes of her on her phone receiving texts that her date stood her up. We have some good “getting ready in the mirror” takes.

At 2 we got to the roller rink, but they wouldn’t let me bring my glowsticks or water bottle. So I asked if the woman if she could hold it, and she said she could hold the glow sticks, but the water bottle had to go, which was really annoying. So I left it on this ledge, and later one of the employees said he but my bottle under a cone,  and that it should be there for me when I leave.

Anyway, I got takes of the girls skating, but it was a bit hard because the skates move without you making them move.

There were a lot of little kids there and this one girl tried to be our friend which was sweet.

I had a fun time and I’m glad I got what I needed too.


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