Music video storyline


A group of friends ditch their school dance and have a girls night instead.

  • Fancy dresses
  • Pinks and purples, floral patterns
  • Some with flowers in their hair
  • Satin bomber jackets, jean jackets, or short fur coats over dresses, if they have any, if not it’s fine



Girl is on her phone on twitter, looking at all of her friend’s tweet about how they’re excited about the school dance

She gets a text from her date that says he can’t make it

Disappointed, she looks up from her phone and looks at all of her friends getting ready

They leave through the door of the house



Roller skating rink

Previous shot lines up with them entering the rollerskating rink

They go to the counter to get their skates, a guy tries flirting with them but they walk away

Long shot of others skating in the rollerskating, the girls approach the rink

Mannequin shot where everyone’s still except for Adrianna

Two girls hold hands and spinning in a circle

Rainforest café

Romeo and Juliet fish tank scene


Motorcycle game, back and forth between the girls and the screen




Walking past the shops on Commercial (with popsicles in their hand? If we can afford them or we may have to bring them from home if we want to include them in the scene if not it’s ok but I think it will be cute)

The girls in the water posing while Adrianna takes pictures of them

They’re all laying down in the sand, high angle shot of them all


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